Get The HALO Effect: Sat Oct 27th 7:30pm to 9:30pm ET online via Zoom

New Moon Magic!
As we shift together on October’s powerful new moon, we will leverage group energy to form an powerful accelerator to push our new beginning’s into the physical reality now! now! now!

2020 Lift Off
As In preparation for the great lift off in 2020, the universe is preparing us to be ready, willing, able and capable of handling more love, ease, grace, balance along with power, leadership, resources and responsibility. It is time for us to take action but many of us are still stuck. Many are still operating with old energy fields that were tainted or limited by our family of origin, childhood experiences or life traumas.

HALO Effect: Health, Abundance, Love & Oneness
In this powerful 2 hour healing experience, you will clear your subconscious/inner landscapes that birth love, money, success and happiness and expand their ability to support you fully living with passion, purpose and prosperity.

We will be meeting online via Zoom. Zoom is a free reliable and super easy to use video conferencing system. Once payment has been made, you will receive an email invitation with simple log in instructions.

Investment: $50.00 CDN
Register online here

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