September Shi(f)ts On Tap!

Falling Forward

I’m a fall baby..right after the equinox Sept 22. I can already feel autumn’s crisp energy pull me at night. I can feel the pull of the Fall Equinox tugging at me to make the necessary changes I need to make for literally the next half of my life. Turning half a century is a big deal or so I’m told. Age is just a number for me. I don’t feel half a century old and I know I don’t look it either! But my upcoming milestone has caused me to reflect on the first half of my life. I’ve been journalling, meditating and strat mapping a ton of shi(f)t. There is a fury of information coming at me and I find it all so very interesting especially when it mirrors the actual events in my present life.

Here are some September soul inspired events to help you shift forward and tap into the power of the upcoming Fall Equinox.

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