Letter To The Oversoul Prayer

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So the energies are a bit nuts “out” there these dayz. Astrologically, looks like this might be on tap at least until the end of the month and perhaps until mid August.

What to do? Here is a tool from my tool kit that has never failed me.

It is a written “prayer” to a higher aspect called The Oversoul of yourself or someone you love or someone you have conflict with. You write the letter for 14 days in a row and then after 14 letters are written, you burn them OUTSIDE.

Feel free to edit or change the language according to your own personal belief system. You can include more than one person or situation per letter.

Letter Writing To The Oversoul And Spiritual Team

A problem cannot be solved at the level it was created. You may use this prayer if you have situation which needs healing, a condition you cannot solve, or a person with whom you have no luck communicating with or don’t know what else to do. While this prayer was especially written for those people who are battling addictions and negative influences, it has the ability to appeal to a higher power for assistance on behalf of the greatest and highest good of the person in need whatever the need may be.  Therefore, you do not have to have their permission write these letters. This is an excellent tool for parents for their children.  Many miracles have been reported through the use of this prayer technique so be realistic, expect LOTS of miracles!  Feel free to change / add words as needed according to your own faith and belief system.

Write out the following letter for 14 days in a row (if you miss a day, you keep writing until you have fourteen letters).  On the 14th day, burn all 14 letters safely outside  or inside in a fireplace releasing the person to Spirit asking for the highest good for all concerned.  Fire energy assists in transmuting the situation and transmutes any karmic blocks.  It represents the Fires of Karma, the Holy Spirit, Sacred Fire and Great Fire from the First Nations Peoples. It is part of Earth Magick.

NOTE: There will be a lot of smoke when you burn all 14 letters so please take the necessary precautions. For this reason, it is suggested you burn outside and not recommended that you burn inside an apartment. 

”By the Light That I AM, I call upon The Infinite Healing Hands Of Light to intervene upon my behalf for my relationship with (name of the person or condition you are challenged by). I ask for healing of body, mind, spirit, emotions and finances in all dimensions, and time frames. And this is so. Recognizing that I do not fully understand the karmic implications in this situation, nor can I override free will,  I ask the Oversoul and Infinite Healing Hands Of Light to intervene with love, peace and harmony. And this is so.  I ask for healing from (list the problem as you see it…ie addiction, anger, illness etc). And this is so. I ask that (name of the person) become aware for their true nature, their mission and their Oversoul on all levels consciously from their point of origin all the way into infinity. And this is so. Because it has been promised that to ask and we shall receive, I recognize that by writing these letters for fourteen days in a row and on the fourteenth day burning the letters, that I am acting in
accordance with Spirit. Love is the only Power, Presence and Intelligence working here. Love is the only Solution here. Love removes all blockages and transforms all Life. And this is so. I now release this person and their condition to Spirit for Perfect resolution. And this is so. And so it shall be. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

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