Eclipse Effect – M/Power Night

July is Eclipse Season! Game on!! The ancients believed the eclipses were a pathway to the Gods whereby they received important information. This eclipse focuses on home, family and business both psychically and emotionally. This cycle brings us back to 2001 so cast your mind back to see what themes might be resurrecting now. The solar eclipse/new moon of July 2nd is turning the wheel of destiny to bring in new beginnings that accelerate growth and development – ain’t that the truth! 😲

Riding the cosmic waves can be unpredictable and scary. Once you think you’ve got a flow or can read the next wave, another one surprises you from behind and unexpectedly tosses you up, slams you against the rocks unconscious wondering what the f*(ck just happened. The trick is to get back up on the board and ride again! 🤙

Can’t wait for Mercury retrograde July 7th that brings us emotional clarity and allows us to ask for what we need and then the finale full moon lunar eclipse on July 16th😟

I’ll be hosting my monthly M-Power Meditation & Message Night With Jennifer Clark on Thurs July 18th at 22 Barnstone Drive in Barrhaven from 7-9pm to help you put the pieces back together.

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