Huge shout out to members of my Physical Angels group/program. One of our group fell on the ice recently and broke her shoulder badly. She can’t drive for 6 weeks. At the time, her car was parked outside her house. There have been 3 snow events including freezing rain since. Her car was frozen in by snow banks of ice on all sides. A bunch of us went over this morning to help dig her out. We braved difficult driving conditions, wicked winds, bitter cold, ice banks and ignorant drivers on Longfields Dr. With muscle, team work and some good old Newfie ingenuity, we got it out. Helping each other get unstuck is part of the benefits of belonging to our community of fellow soul travellers. After all, we’re just walking each other h-OM-e. Want in? Join the second wave in April  Angelic Ascension For The Evolving Human


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