1/11 Be Focused On Your Target

Today is January 11th, 1/11, a powerful day to be masterful! I’ve already meditated and gone for my prayer and perspective walk in -32C weather! It was refreshing on so many levels. I was asked to share with my tribe the arrow analogy again because I think its fitting for many people these dayz and it just happens to be the topic of my workshop this weekend.

An archer must pull back the bow so tight almost painfully so that her arm might strain and the string is stretched beyond its limits and might start to quiver. Despite this, the archer cannot lose sight of her target. And then in a state of grace, she takes a breathe and releases the arrow that shoots towards her target. Archery takes a lot of concentration, discipline and effort. So does success. Think of what it is you’re striving to obtain right now. Think of what you’ve endured through, failed through, had mini success through. The longer you can hold onto the bow string and the further back you can pull it will determine the trajectory of your success. It takes time, commitment, strength, action, and a faithful mindset. Every disappointment, every mini-failure, every hiccup in the road of your journey pulls that arrow back further and further. It’s just a matter of time, or if you like numbers, it keeps increasing the probability of success.

The universal spiral also works that way too. Ebb and flow, constriction to release new power. When life becomes restricted, we can fall into the trap of effects and mentally get down and start thinking downward thoughts. Instead we are to remember the universal spiral and know that the Power is gathering Force for a mighty leap into an increased good. We must use our creative imagination to see only positive outcomes. We are being tested to see if we give up the vision of our future. Remember that during times of intense outer constriction, know that the pulsation of the Soul has increased to reveal a new cycle of experience.

Hold on tight to that bow string and love the fact that every day it’s getting pulled back even further!

See you Thurs Jan 24th at my next M-Power Meditation & Message Night With Jennifer Clark.

Sculpture by M. Ziegel “Classic Nude Female Archer”

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