Happy New Year!

Hey Tribe, I’ll be doing a Facebook Live on Tuesday January 1st tomorrow at 1:00pm ET doing some oracle card readings for you and discussing the theme of 2019 – the cosmic completion “12” frequency. Join for some Jen’s Zen if you feel so called. Connect on my personal FB page https://www.facebook.com/jenniferclarkottawa

I’ll be out dancing to some sick tribal beats tonight at AwakenFlow – NYE Edition- Conscious Dance, w/ Elixir Bar shaking off 2018 and ushering in 2019 – consciously – with a lot of hair flipping and booty shakin’ – just the way I like it;)

Make sure you do some kind of ceremony or conscious intentions tonight and hold space for this sacred threshold anchoring in everything you desire for the new year. Offer gratitude to the past year and it’s teachers and lessons and then focus with real feeling on what you desire and require in the new year.

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