Happy Solstice!

Happy Winter Solstice everyone!

For many of us Energy Aware People, this doesn’t feel like an ordinary Winter Solstice….is there such thing as ‘ordinary’ anymore? So much is accelerating in activity on in the collective.

This Winter Solstice is the beginning of a NEW season where it feels like rapid change will become more of the new normal in the year 2019. Change on all levels inside of your bodies – mind, body, spirit and emotional. Clarity and wisdom and acceleration are on tap. Clearer, brighter, and freer, you feel more and more and on deeper levels than ever before. You may be amazed at how much is moving from within you in just one ‘day’ and how much you are integrating, letting in, and letting go.

The Divine Feminine is pushing out creativity for every body illuminating our ability to be the creators of our own destiny in the glow of Her full moon on Saturday. She continues to beacon us into the deeper regions of ourselves, into our emotional bodies, into the places inside that need the light of our love. The Divine Feminine makes it safer for disclosures to begin or accelerate on all levels. Listen for the Truth within You. Acknowledge It. Speak It. Share It. Become It.

A big Hawaiian Aloha and thank you to everyone to participated in last night’s powerful ceremony! From my heart to yours Mahalo!

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