Energy Shifts On Tap – Get Used To The “New Normal”

So couldn’t sleep until 2:00am last night and then up at 6:00am! WTF? This new normal is kicking my tired spiritual badass! There are a few notable energies on the horizon… energies that will help us prepare for the evolutionary “next step” in this cosmic shift we’re in. This month in particular will show you who has done the work and who hasn’t. More people will react publicly and lose their shi(f)t online. Have compassion because they are just showing you their wound that needs to be healed. Don’t engage and take a big step back to give them space. This perceived chaos is necessary in order for our illusions to be stripped away so that we can pursue the deeper purpose we came here to achieve. And if you’re the one ready to lose it, just don’t do it online. Recognize you are being triggered for some good reason. Dive deep into your own stuff and clear it within yourself before posting something you’ll regret. Being on the spiritual path does not mean you won’t stub your toe anymore … but that when you do you will be able to consciously respond in more appropriate ways.Find a better way. Need some help raising the bar? Join us Thurs July 19th in Barrhaven at my monthly M-Power Meditation & Message Night

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