So I went to church today. Not my normal practice but today was the Day of Souls. I felt guided to be there to light candles for my loved ones. Over the past 2 years of heavy challenge, the spiral of Life has been bringing me back to the beginning, back to my roots and back to ritual. I’ve been been doing lots of ceremony and immersing myself in ancient rituals that have helped me through this massive transformation. Today as I sat in the pew with family, the smells of the frankincense brought me back to my childhood. Hearing the deep tones of the cantors created a bridge between worlds for me. As I light candles for Penny, Voula and Auntie Pua, I felt the eternal flame of my own Heart Star reach out to them. The Rainbow Bridge connects Here and T(H)ere. We are all One. This cycle has been one of great loss and hard endings for me. BUT I take solace in remembering that every ending is a new beginning somewhere. I found out a few days ago my Hawaiian “Mother” Bernadette “Auntie Pua” Mahoe passed away. She was my Hawaiian kahuna and a great friend. I first read about her in Sondra Ray’s book, “Pele’s Wish”. I then tracked her down and interviewed her on my radio show “The Namaste Show: Good News For A Change”. From there, I organized a sacred travel experience for 22 people visiting the Hawaiian islands with Auntie P as our guide. She married me in a special Hawaiian ceremony on Maui and soothed my tears when I had my miscarriage. She taught me so much about the Huna and Hawaiian spirituality that I will be forever grateful to her Presence in my life. I feel fortunate I now have a new Spirit Guide to draw wisdom and support from.

Here is a picture of me and Auntie P on The Big Island after a sacred ceremony at the volcano. It was so cold that day. We had to wear our beach towels as sarongs. It was such a special ceremony. `A`ohe loa i ka hana a ke aloha (distance is ignored by love) dear Auntie P. Mahalo my friend. Until we meet again. I will honor your teachings and do my best to show others the way of the aloha spirit. #ohana#dayofsouls#loveneverdies

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