Who Knows Whether It Is Good or Bad?

Up early gearing up to teach yet another intensive weekend from my new signature 11 month Angelic Ascension Program For The Evolving Human. I love love teaching and bringing in new frequencies of manifestation, self-actualization and spiritual evolution to people. Respect and credit must be given to those who have taught me, physical and non-physical, and both positively and negatively. Every single experience, both “good” or “bad” has led me here. There is a famous Taoist parable that says “who knows is it good or is it bad?”. Many of you know, I’ve lived through some pretty “bad” these past 2 years and still going through some more. I can actually say that when I raise my perspective, tune into the Higher and transcend the world of the “human”, I now get its meaning. There is no good. There is no bad. There just is. 
#shift2gether #thereisnogoodorbad #tao

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