Putting It Out There


So I’ve been getting downloaded a lot lately as many of you are as well. Mountain energy is calling Me as is Mother energy. Communed quite a bit with the Old Woman In The Mountain while I was in Bali and now Mother Himalaya is calling to me. Ever since I read The Life & Teachings Of The Masters Of The Far East by Baird Spalding, I’ve wanted to go. I have several friends who go to Everest every year but the physicality and risk of it stops me from joining in. I just found out about Annapurna which is still one of the highest mountains in the world (26,000 ft) but Annapurna Base camp is only 13,000 ft and requires no climbing skills or higher risk. I’ve hiked up to 10,000 ft to Jenny Lake in the Royal Tetons so I could do it if I got off my ass and started preparing now. A good goal for 2018! The adventure is a challenging hike walking across the roof of the world 4 hours a day with laid out paths and the help of sherpas to carry your gear. You walk across the top of the world through lowland pastures, mountain villages, glaciers, a rhododendron forest and hit up Pokhara Valley Lakes at sunset. You’re in the womb of Mother Himalaya at every moment. Each night you stay at simple but hospitable tea houses. I’ve decided to plan for March 2019 to give me to time to prepare and get fit. I’ve also decided to organize another one of my amazing sacred travel experiences and bring friends along for the ride. Obviously this is not for everyone – heck it may not even be for me! I’m a beach girl at heart but I’m being called to do it. And, I always answer the call. Maybe I’ll meet another dragon:):) We’ll be doing sacred ceremony on the mountain each day along with sacred fires to purge and purify. We’ll be communing with Mother Himalaya and all of her glorious Nature. We’ll be supported by personal sherpas to carry our gear and 2 expert guides to help navigate culture and terrain. It’s time for me to shift into high gear and climb another mountain. Sound interesting? Read “The Life & Teaching Of The Masters of The Far East” and let me know what you think. We’ll be looking for a photographer to join us to document this amazing experience with travel expenses paid. Hit me up if you know someone who’d be interesting in the “work”. #march2019 #mountainmomma #topoftheworld #MotherHimalaya

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