Happy Full Moon! Sat Dec 3, 2017

So like clockwork, here I am up again at 4:10am. Grandmother Moon sure does keep good time;)…Ah life as an Energy Sensitive!  In Spiritual Circles this is called “moon sensitivity”. Yes, this is a “thing”. Women, and young children prove it pretty much every full moon cycle. Moon sensitivity can show up in a number of ways. Many of my friends and I have sleep pattern disruptions and food sensitivities close to the full moon. This is common, and you could feel mild emotional disturbances or mood swings and irritations too. Totally get we can’t ever put blame on anything outside of us for how we feel or behave, but understanding our sensitivities with compassion can help us to function better and take necessary steps to support us when we are aware of what is going on.
We can go a little easier on ourselves knowing that many people feel sensitive to nature and astral alignments in the cosmos. In my experience, we feel less lonely and better able to cope if we know there is a reason for the way we feel that isn’t “all on us.” After all, the moon controls the cycles of the tides of the waters of our world, and our bodies consist of a large amount of water. It makes sense that we would be affected by this, if you believe in the connection of all things as I do!
So in my new “moon free” time, I meditate, doing some ceremony on today’s big Level 1 Angelic Transformation class I’m teaching all weekend as part of my new Angelic Ascension Program For The Evolving Human and look up the meaning of 4:10:
410 is a message that the angels are letting you know that your will and effort will bring about what you have been working towards. It tells you that your thoughts are rapidly manifesting into material form and you are asked to keep a positive and optimistic attitude and outlook to ensure that you manifest ‘good’ into your life. Trust that your determination and hard work will bring you your desired results, and the plans you have put into action will bring success and fulfilment. It is sign that things are going in your aspired and desired direction………..I’ll take that with a bag of chips please:):)
Happy Full Moon! #fullmoon #moonsensitive #numerology
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