Flip, flop, UP, down, this side UP, inside out, raw and real is how I feel getting off the cold plane back home to Ottawa. Everything seems different. I am different. As I watch the cold landscape of home from the plane, I am acutely aware of what a difference a few days makes. Bali has changed me forever. I will carry Her in my heart. This was no ordinary vacation to an exotic land. This was a life altering experience curated by Lilly White on her BLISSFUL BALI With ANDREW HARVEY Your Pathway to Mysticism trip. In her 15 years of experience visiting the real Bali, living with the real Balinese people and studying their culture and philosophy of life, Lilly offers a unique transformational experience. Her connections here are priceless and we were treated like royalty at every moment. I have shifted and changed for the better. My ass was handed to me on a daily basis thanks to this curated group of Soul Companions and the leadership of Andrew Harvey- Author. I was turned inside out, right side UP, shaken to become awakened. Sleeping Beauty is awake. I lost some weight, lost the attitude (okay some it;)) and feel ready to face the road ahead. We arrived on a full moon and left on a dark one so you know shit’s gonna get real real quick. So many uniquely spiritual experiences – being called to the “dragon temple” by the dragon itself, petting the eel with bats flying over our head at midnight, having purification ceremonies with Agung Raka & Mangku Made Subur visiting Agung Prana‘s amazing resorts and his Karang Lestari Coral Restoration Project at TamanSari where my sister Penny will have her own underwater coral memorial installation made, swimming in the Indian Ocean while gazing at the mountains, seeing UFO’s in the sky above the jungle over the dragon temple. Thank you Ubu Lilly & Pac John for being amazing hosts. Thank you Andrew Harvey- Author for believing in me. Thank you Agung Prana Agung Raka Agung Wah Mangku Made Subur & Beratha Gusti Ngurah and your families. I will never forget you and will be back soon.
Big hugz to my soul companions whom this trip would not have been the same. You answered the call. You showed UP and said yes. I am deeply grateful that you did. You have helped changed me forever and forever in my heart you will be Aaron Vincent Elkaim Constance Vincent Lucia Penner Yelena Gorodetskaya De-Ann Sheppard (Michael).
And finally thank you to Jane Clark for never giving up on me and always having my back. Penny Clark you made this possible for both of us. You couldn’t have one last swim in the ocean so now you’ll be there always. To Bali we go to create a legacy of light and new beginnings. To the moon and back kiddo, to the moon and back.

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