So yet again another sleepless night this week. Man oh man is this full moon on Saturday is really kicking my butt! I never used to be so sensitive to the moon cycles but now I can tell by my body cycles what’s up on planet earth! I know many of you are feeling it too. Lucky for me, I’ll be spending the full moon in blissful Bali BLISSFUL BALI With ANDREW HARVEY Your Pathway to Mysticism. Gonna rest, recharge and tune into Me on the island of the gods. There is a temple on every corner and their motto is “life before work”. My kind of place! Be back online in a couple weeks.

See you at my next M-Power Meditation & Message Night With Jennifer Clark on Thurs Nov 23rd where my special guest will be tapping expert Oksana Strelbitsky. #TGIF

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