Good Things Happen Every Day

So as many of you know yesterday was my 48th birthday. It was my first birthday without my sister. The first holidays without a loved one always suck. It was bitter sweet day. It was full of friends, family, and magical signs from the universe. I actually drove behind a car with the license plate UR Divine! I felt my sister’s Presence acutely all day. She was in the passenger seat with me in my car. She was the Voice in my head keeping me company. When her twin daughters came over for a birthday dinner, we had a spontaneous dance off afterwards in our living room. All three kids and I “battling” it to KISS, the Ramones, and Chemical Brothers. (We are an eclectic bunch). We three danced like we didn’t care who was watching; like we didn’t have a care in the world. I so was happy to see my nieces laugh real authentic laughter. We all laughed so hard, one of us peed our pants. I’ll give you three guesses which one of us it was;) As I stopped to catch my breath, I watched my family, smaller in numbers, truly have fun. I felt Penny’s Presence standing beside me leaning in on my shoulder laughing her ass off watching all of us make fools of ourselves. She was so happy to hear the laughter come back. 

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