Time For Angel School – Sat Sept 30th to Sun Oct 1st

The Time Has Come My Friends

To Unfurl Your Wings and Fly!
You Are A Human Angel
If you feel you were born with a greater purpose
and would like to express it, you are probably a human angel.
It is time to open your heart.
It is time to unfurl your wings.
It is time for you to fly.

I hope you join me on this journey Home.

After 20 years of connecting with the angelic realm and facilitating over 8000 angel readings and hundreds of angelic energy healings, I am excited to offer you a simple yet powerful experiential Angelic Ascension program designed to support you to uncover your true birthright, shift your limitation of the physical 3D world and live as you were meant to be – free!
Background About This Program:
I have put together a simple yet powerful 8 part experiential angelic transformation program that will assist you in living as a human angel on Earth. This idea was sparked by a conversation I had once with Toltec author Don Miguel Ruiz who wrote the book, The 4 Agreements. 15 years ago, I interviewed him for my radio show The Namaste Show: Good News For A Change airing on CKCU FM. He said we are all physical angels. This idea struck me and stuck with me all this time. After years of answering the question how, I came up with a program showing you just that. It is simple yet effective.
The program focuses on tangibly felt experiences using sacred ceremonies and angelic frequencies of transformation. We use the over arching map of the Sacred Seven – seven Mighty Elohim, seven Arch Angels, seven sacred rays, seven sacred elements and the seven sacred directions to help us personally shift, elevate and evolve.
Who Is Ready To Fly With Me?

Angelic Ascension Program With Jennifer Clark

Level 1 – Angelic Transformation & The Sacred Seven
Level 2 – Angelic Communication
Level 3 – Angelic Healing
Level 4 – Angel Therapy For Personal Growth
Level 5 – Angel Magick & Manifestation
Level 6 – Angelic Protection
Level 7 – Angelic Akashic Record Reading
Level 8 – Sacred Fire Ceremony & Graduation

Angelic Transformation & The Sacred Seven

Sept 30th to Sun Oct 1st
Prince of Wales Manor
22 Barnstone Drive
Prince of Wales at Strandherd Bridge
$300 plus HST = $339.00 for the 2 day workshop
In this 2 day experiential workshop, participants will experience the 7 Arch Angels in sacred ceremonies using their transformative angelic frequencies to:
Connect with the angelic realm to access angelic energy anytime anywhere
Give you your cosmic wings back with the help of Arch Angel Metratron using the Platinum Silver Ray and the Metratronic Merkabah
Call back your power through time and space using Arch Angel Zadkiel and the Violet Purple Ray from people, places and things that held you down or held you back
Ignite and illuminate your own sacred heart to tap into the universal web of life and find your rightful throne on the cosmic grid with the help of Arch Angel Jophiel and the Gold Ray
Clear karmic connections and wounded relationships using the help of Arch Angel Chamuel and the Rose Pink Ray as well as Arch Angel Michael and the Blue Ray
Balance and align your Energy Bodies with the help of Arch Angel Raphael and the Emerald Green Ray
Shift your destiny time line back to its original instructions with the help of Arch Angel Gabriel and the Indigo Ray to correct human distortions where you’ve been taken off course from your destiny
Meet Your I AM Presence / Soul in the upper world of creation with the help of Arch Angel Uriel and the Crystal White Ray to be counselled, guided and directed from your Soul to your Self.
Investment: $300.00 plus HST = $339.00
No prior experience necessary!
Payment is cash, cheque, interac e-transfer, PayPal or credit card
Non-refundable down payment of $50.00 required to hold your spot
Can’t make this date? Please PM me. We already have 2 participants that will be busy so I’ll be hosting a weekend catch up mid October. If you want in on the program, we’ll make it happen!
A Bit About Me:
I was Ottawa’s First Angel Therapy Pracitioner certified by Doreen Virtue working in Ottawa and one of the world’s Top Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructors. I am a Professional Spiritual Teacher and Transformation Specialist and a graduate of The 8th Fire School of Shamanism. I hosted “Jen’s Zen” tv on Rogers 22 for 2 years and “The Namaste Show: Good News For A Change” for 12 years on CKCU FM radio. I have had the honor of facilitating over 8000 one on one sessions for children, teens and adults who seek to reach higher.
Our Ideal Participant:
Obviously, this is not for everybody. The ideal participant is ready to reach higher. They are ready to change. He/she is most likely already a closet human angel of some kind. He/she is probably already a kind of spiritual warrior taking action for themselves and for others in their own life but desiring more peace, flow, harmony, ease and grace.He or she is probably already spiritually inclined, searching for answers and has an affinity or respect for angels. However, no experience is necessary. The class is open to anyone 16 years old+ who has an open mind and willing heart. This in fact is a great class for our conscious youth.
Benefits are but not limited to:
Spiritual awakening
Spiritual growth
Intuitive development
Inner Peace
Energetic Balance
Increased Abundance
Universal Connectedness
So, who is ready to fly with me?
Any questions, please PM me!

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