So people reading my posts know I am in Toronto having just finished volunteering for the Archangel Summit. I went to bed early as I’d been busy on my feet since 5:00am. TIFF is on in town and I got woken UP by revellers returning home. They seem to be using our hotel hallway as a private lounge. I try to go back to sleep but I can’t. So I look out my window at the beautiful harbour and see the waning moon. Grandmother Moon is a big gold pearl over the water right now. Instead of fighting to go back to sleep, I stay awake symbolic of my journey here to T.O. as well as the theme of my life the past year. I can never go back. The road is closed. Like all pioneers before me, the boat has been burned. I have been awakened through challenge. I have no choice but to start over and re-build. Antsy, I decide to meditate and be still. There is no other way out but IN.  I connect to the fire that burns inside of me. Tonight, my fiery furnace is peaceful yet ever present. Afterwards, I write in my new Archangel journal, another sign for me given the work I do. As I visit the washroom to physically “release”, this is the picture over the loo.


I’ve so busy all weekend, I never noticed it until just now. Dragonflies are a sign of change and the change of perspective of self. Shift your shit and your universe expands. Pay attention. Signs are everywhere. It is time. The universe is speaking to you. Are you listening? Are you awake?

Join us next Sat Sept 16th at Healing Through Grief: Transform Tragedy Into Triumph where we will help awaken through change.

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