Fall Launch of Angelic Ascension This Weekend!

So excited to be having a full house this weekend for the fall launch of my new Angelic Ascension program. People are ready for change and anxious to dive deep into their spirituality and uncover and discover their divine Presence. Want to join us? The winter launch is Sat Dec 2nd and Dec 3rd.   […]

Stand Up Stronger In September

  Join me and the folks at Centrum Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic in Orleans for a free family friendly event called “Stand Up Stronger In September”. Back to School days have arrived and what better way to celebrate with an evening of fun, food and wisdom. We invite you to join us Thursday, September 28th […]

Good Things Happen Every Day

So as many of you know yesterday was my 48th birthday. It was my first birthday without my sister. The first holidays without a loved one always suck. It was bitter sweet day. It was full of friends, family, and magical signs from the universe. I actually drove behind a car with the license plate […]

Time For Angel School – Sat Sept 30th to Sun Oct 1st

The Time Has Come My Friends   To Unfurl Your Wings and Fly!   You Are A Human Angel   If you feel you were born with a greater purpose and would like to express it, you are probably a human angel.   It is time to open your heart. It is time to unfurl […]

Celebrate The Fall Equinox With Us!

  The new moon is today and the fall equinox is tomorrow!! What a crazy energy week this has been so far! The fall equinox is all about dancing in the dark, diving deep and getting good at navigating the shadow realms. Consider joining us at my monthly M-Power Meditation & Message Night Thurs Sept […]

We are Sold Out!

Healing Through Grief: Transform Tragedy Into Triumph on Sat Sept 16th has been sold out! I am so so very excited to be offering our guests such a unique opportunity to shift heavy emotions and to find peace in their healing through grief journey. I am personally eager to re-experience the 2 sacred ceremonies we have […]

The Boats Have Been Burned

So people reading my posts know I am in Toronto having just finished volunteering for the Archangel Summit. I went to bed early as I’d been busy on my feet since 5:00am. TIFF is on in town and I got woken UP by revellers returning home. They seem to be using our hotel hallway as […]