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Up & Down & All Around

Soul Explorers! Living life on the spiral right now isnt easy. This week’s eclipse’ energies have been very up & down, backward & forward. How are you doINg?Many are being tested to see what they really want. Many are being challenged to let go of the old outdated patterns. What…

Tonight We Journey Into The Lower World!

🤙Soul Explorers! 🤙 Thank you to those brave soul explorers who are joining me on our 5 week transformational journey together!  The Great Event is fast approaching on December 21st - the end of a 26,000 cycle and it is SO very important to be energetically prepared. Tonight at 7pm ET we continue…

November Full Moon

🤙Soul Explorers!🤙 Full moon in Gemini on tap today! This lunar eclipse is going to help us reveal hidden truths about our thoughts and our relationships. This eclipse is asking us to trust our INtuition and turn back to love. Old cycles are ending and new ones beginning. The old…

Clearing Things UP

I received a lovely testimonial from a space clearing client Tana S. recently. As a highly sensitive person, Tana could feel her space no longer supporting her life anymore and did something about it. When I visited her home, I could sense it too small for her huge energy field…

Healing Negative Self-Talk

🤙Soul Explorers!🤙 It's Wisdom Wednesday! I'm hosting Part 2 of my 5 week transformational journey tonight getting us ready for the end of the Piscean Age on Dec 21st and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. The end of this 26,000 cycle is monumental and is why many of us…

Calling Back Your Power

🤙Soul Explorers! 🤙 Today we begin a 5 week journey of rapid transformation and personal growth Calling Back Your Power With Jennifer Clark. Tonight we call back our power from people, places and things that took it by force or by fate. Drop IN's welcome! $44 a session or $222 for the…

M-Power Meditation & Message Night

Thurs, Nov 19th, 20208:00pm to 9:00pm ET$20 CDNVia Zoom Note: You do not need a PayPal account to register. PayPal is a payment platform used by Zoom. It accepts debit or credit cards. Click on registration link below. Click on “Don’t have a PayPal account?” and follow instructions. Zoom can…
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