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Diving Deep

Astrologically, we're dealing with Chiron the Wounded Warrior. This might cause us to lash out with old anger. In the current climate, highly probable for those who are not self-aware. The opportunity is if we can dig deep, we can uncover the treasure that lies within our shadow. Pluto, the…

Stay Close

Get IN your Vitamin D today!! Responding to the needs of my clients in this evolving climate, I’m now offering 30 minute mini “clarity consultations" for people who need to check-in, tap in or tune up. Hit me up if you need some support navigating your journey. Remember to stay…

What If?

What if the virus was the medicine? Gene Latimer posed this question in a recent newsletter and it made me think. If you take out the severity of lives lost or global economic strife, the opportunity of this forced isolation is to un-learn , to re-member, to re-evaluate, to re-view…

Tap Into Your Spiritual Resiliency

Our spiritual resilience makes it possible not only to endure hardship and suffering, but to use any challenging situation for spiritual growth and transcend even the most devastating circumstances in our lives. When we can rise above whatever is happening in our lives, we increase our compassion for others.  Spiritual…

March Energy Update

Love Lee Harris's March Energy Update! As an Energy Mechanic, I have been continuing to support people energetically navigate this crisis, please watch this great YouTube video from Lee Harris. "We react at the level of our consciousness, the level of our fear, the level of our love. Personal dynamics will…

March Equinox M-Power Meditation & Message Night

**Due to the evolving COVID 19 situation, this month's M-Power Night will be hosting online via Zoom video conference. ** Thurs, Mar 19th, 20207:00pm to 9:00pm$30 in advance via PayPal via Zoom online conference Register here:http://bit.ly/3d1lfMF March Equinox Edition With Special Guest Matthew Stapley Join Evolution Expert & Professional Spiritual…

Happy March Supermoon!

Finally! My kind of protest!🤙 My kinda guy 😂 Today is the March Supermoon in Virgo. Supermoons are close to the Earth so make us feel their effects more strongly🦸‍♀️. This moon 🌕 will illuminate the fog and help you make clear decisions 💎and help you see 👀 the bigger picture🌍. Your future is here or about…
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