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It’s Always Darkest Before The Dawn

Soul Explorers! For those that follow my posts, you'll know that Spirit has been "sending" me songs every morning upon "awakenINg". Today's "song in my head" was Darkest Before The Dawn by Florence + The Machine one of my fav bands. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbN0nX61rIs Flo has been part of my high's and…

Hold The Light

Soul Explorers! It'll be a tough energy week for many. For energy sensitive peeps, you've already noticed INtense feels and waves of emotions. We're working through the recent lunar eclipse, the 11/11 portal and yesterday's upgrades. The energy is hitting our most densest places where we hold some of our…

Tower Moments

I’ve heard about a few “tower moments” so far this week. (It’s only Monday ). With this Friday’s full moon / lunar eclipse in Taurus, expect the unexpected regarding the home & heart(h). Like the bull in the China shop, things may come crashing down. A lot of card slingers…

Songs In My Head

Soul Explorers! Strange INergies at play lately. I’ve woken up to songs playing IN my head last few dayz. The INfinite Universe speaks to us in SO many ways. Are you listening? Songs, books, movies, repeated patterns, number sequences, animal sightings, pennies from heaven are just some small ways IT…

Annual Halloween Healing Ceremony!

Soul Explorers! I’m excited by my annual Halloween Healing coming up this Sunday! Every Hallow’s Eve, the veil between this world and the next is the thinnest. I host a powerful Ancestral Healing Ceremony (after the kiddos have gone trick or treating) Lifting The Veil With Jennifer Clark where we…
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